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Agency expert:

Nico DeBruyn

I am an agency owner PASSIONATE about getting you leads and making you money.

I have been using content marketing and direct outreach methods for the past few years and am beyond obsessed with generating revenue for services businesses on LinkedIn.

My goal is to get your calendar booked with high quality leads that turn into customers.

This is for B2B service companies who have a proven high-value offer (product/service) that drives predictable client results.

If you have a proven offer and need a way to find qualified leads, let's connect about scaling you past the "do-it-all" business owner to build the business of your dreams.

This allows you to break free of working "in" the business so that you can work "on" the business.
What can Boundless do for you? 📈

We help services businesses get 8-10 appointments each month using organic content marketing and outreach on LinkedIn.
Here's how Boundless can help you: 👍

1) You will be introduced to your dedicated content creator and lead generation specialist that will learn more about your business and solution.

2) Your content creator will schedule a content creation brainstorm session with you, and 14 days later, you will receive your set of monthly LinkedIn content. This content brings in leads for you passively and provides an essential mechanism to "showcase" the value you bring to your customers.

3) Your lead generation specialist will work with you to craft outbound messaging to funnel your ideal customer from a cold to a hot lead. Once they are pre-qualified and interested, we will schedule a meeting in your calendar. You sit back and have us get your calendar booked.
What are your next steps? 🐾

Contact me for a FREE strategy session!

💌 Nico@getboundlessmedia.com
🌎 www.getboundlessmedia.com

What area of the agencies business do you help with?

Sales / lead generation

Do you focus on a specific type of agency/vertical?

I can work with any agencies.

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