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A great strategy to kick off a successful Agency Partner Program when you have only ever sold to agencies

Here was my suggestion to get these agencies selling new clients using a URL on your site and services they know on top of yo

I was just on the line with a Hubspot integration partner who sells to agencies and is planning to launch an agency partner program.

The dilemma with this scenario is:
1. They sell to agencies currently, with no "Partnership" discussion/incentives.
2. Their product provides these agencies with a leg up, so why would they share the product with other agencies.
3. Commissions on this product aren't bad, but aren't good to stand alone as an incentive.

Here was my suggestion to get these agencies selling new clients using a URL on your site and services they know on top of your solution -

Start outlining use cases for the product that specific agencies would or do use the product for.
Look at your help docs for ideas - any detailed "how to" setup guides are perfect for this.

When you have 10 of those use cases picked out, develop a list of 20 agencies who would love to say that they wrote that use case (for the branding/backlink/thought leadership of it).

Now, publish one of them with the approval of one of your agency users that has their name in the title "How Roy's B2B Marketing Agency sets up lead scoring and segmenting automations for their client"

The trick to the design of this page is - make it look like a profile with the agencies logo in the top left, a column down the left with more about that agency, their expertise, website link etc... This ensures the use case is clearly meant to highlight the agency as the expert (instead of simply converting traffic to users).

Using that example on a URL, and the list of agencies you picked out, reach out to each of them with the partnership offer to:

1. Have one of these branded use cases in a directory.
2. Receive preferential treatment all around.
3. Be included in co-marketing.
4. And of course your team knowing and tracking who comes through their use case page to conversion so that you can co-sell them together later.

Now the ask for those interested is to get on your partner track to becoming an expert and to work together to create a GTM strategy to use that use case to go after more ideal clients together.

Check out Kiite.ai/templates or Databox.com's partner-generated dashboards as an example.

For more details on this strategy, see Product-Led Partnerships here.

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