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The Partner Content Operations Strategy and Template

Co-Marketing is the easiest and most efficient way to attract and activate new partnerships. Here's how:

Co-Marketing is the easiest and most efficient way to attract and activate new partnerships.

Below are some quick explanations, and a few examples, then I'll show you what we have created for you to run precise partner content operations in a way your marketing team can get behind 💪

The reasons co-marketing works and is ROI positive:

  1. From my experience in content marketing, blogs, social posts, events, and webinars convert higher when a third-party (non-employee) thought leader is saying what your marketing team could have said. For example, I know this partner-guest post is a perfect example of a high-converting article for Smith.ai’s blog.
  2. Content is created faster with fewer resources when you source from partners and leverage their creative expertise in place of meetings and research hours.
  3. The reach of your co-marketing content should be multiples higher than the reach of your company’s branded internally-sourced content or posts.
  4. And finally, co-marketing brings teams closer together - internal team collaboration and your team closer to your alliance's teams. I don’t think anyone would argue that multi-department collaboration is a bad thing.

Examples of published co-marketing from some top tech




Here's what you'll need to answer in order to set up your team's co-marketing operations

  • What's your plan? Is it approved?

💡 Suggestion: Read the article at the bottom to get an idea of how to set up co-marketing as a plan.

  • What KPIs will be associated with this plan?
  • Who's assigned each KPI?

💡 Suggestion: Attendee's from partner events, traffic and conversions from partner content, ranking of partner content... point being, make them about eyeballs, not necessarily partnerships. IF you can prove your partner marketing is generating a lot of traffic and conversions, marketing should want you to keep going... Then, you can start asking for more budget and resources...

  • What are the Objectives and Key Results you are after with partner marketing?

💡 Suggestion: Meet with marketing, find out some of their objectives/results (e.g. keywords, traffic, CRO %...), and have at least one objective that aligns with marketing.

  • Do you have a place to store all of this unique data?

💡 Suggestion: Airtable. It's the best place to convert sheet-style databases into forms, frontend UI for your teams to review, automations like Slack or email messages, and reports.

  • Do you have a forms SaaS to gather requests and answers from outside parties or partners?

💡 Suggestion: Again, Airtable is the answer. You can embed forms, share unique links, make some questions required, add subtext, set up form-fill automated emails, and redirect respondents to another link of choice.

  • Kanban or dashboard views for other departments to quickly see what's happening.

💡 Suggestion: For other departments, and Airtable "interface" on top of your partner content operation base is the way to go. Notion can be good too, but I use both and Airtable is the better option for this use case because of the database UI.

Use our FREE Airtable base template for Partner Content Operations

How to use it:

Link to "Copy the base":


This template is completely customizable. To get started, clear the records and add your data.

🚚 Requests & deliverables

Here, you'll track all the requests you receive from partners as well as all the deliverables your team creates. We've added a content request form that you can easily share with partners to collect everything you need to know to get started. You can switch to the "Requests ranked by priority" view to see which requests are the highest priority.

📆 Campaign tracking

This table tracks every campaign that uses your content, the current status of that campaign, and the documented results so you know which content is most effective. The default view is by status, so you can quickly see what's in reviews and what's already live.

💎 Co-Marketing objectives

What is content without a goal? We don't have the answer, but we know it's important to show how content and goals are linked. In this final table, you can store your objectives and key results—and see which deliverables help you deliver on your goals. There's also a view that groups objectives by the owner, so you can easily see who's on the hook for what.

Finally, use these resources to run your co-marketing operations

Partnerhub®'s co-marketing project board >

Here's the strategy for using Live Offers inside Partnerhub® and more examples >

And, read and share this article with your marketing team >

I know I talk about it a lot, and it's not just because it's my background. Partner marketing is one of the most impactful levers you can pull to succeed in partnerships. If you don't believe me, just follow Okendo, Databox, Particl, Walnut, Relo, and Gorgias on LinkedIn. You will see partners in almost everything they do.

I hope you enjoyed this one!


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