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The tools we use to run our Partner Operations business

Here are the technology we use to manage our partner operations efforts.

We get asked what tools we use for the following use cases regularly: 

  1. Outreach - cold and warm outreach to prospective partners using LinkedIn and email.
  2. Training - we host a lot of training programs and package the recordings into coursework for our members.
  3. Data - our premium subscribers get to work with our database.
  4. Sales - presentations and IP analysis.
  5. Events - event software to engage our members.
  6. Community - we have two communities we support.
  7. Onboarding guides - in all of our programs, we have detailed onboarding guides.

Here are the tools we use every day to support our community, sales ops, and services.


For: Marketing / content , Training / enablement

Airmeet is an immersive and engaging virtual event platform. You can use it to host lead generation and awareness-building events, onboard partners and customers and conduct training sessions. You can design these sessions to be highly interactive events where people can contribute, participate and learn and grow together.

What love about Airmeet: Airmeet allows us to host our large events in a captivating environment to draw a bigger crowd, and run detailed analytics afterwards.

Check out Airmeet >

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For: Data, Project management

We enable teams to build solutions that perfectly fit their needs, whether they’re herding cattle or filming a blockbuster movie. Our powerful, visual platform helps companies like Netflix, Shopify and GitHub connect all their data, workflows and teams in a single source of truth.

What we love about Airtable: We store and use a lot of data based on forms, and need to run analytics on that data. Airtable allows us to be flexible and take action on all of our data.

Check out Airtable >


For: Sales / outreach, Data

Partnership teams can search, engage and convert over 250 million contacts at over 60 million companies with Apollo’s intelligence and engagement platform.

What we love about Apollo: The ability to quickly find and reach out to anyone is important for our daily routine. Apollo allows us to triple our effectiveness as matchmakers for our clients using their chrome extension and database.

Check out Apollo > 

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For: Sales / outreach, Project management

Journey connects all your favorite tools (slides, videos, docs, forms, etc) into one centralized hub in your follow up with sales prospects and customers. It’s like webflow or squarespace purpose built for sales teams to help make the buying experience better.

What we love about Journey: Making sure our members know what to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd is crucial for our programs. Journey allows us to embed and password-protect our user journeys for everything from Concierge accounts, to investor documentation. And, we know who's viewed what Journey as soon as they do.

Check out Journey >


For: Data, Sales / outreach

Leadfeeder is a website visitor analytics software that shows you the companies visiting your website, how they got there, and what pages they clicked.

What we love about Leadfeeder: Being able to delineate our website traffic into the two target segments we are after, then enriching those audiences, is what we love about Leadfeeder.

Check out Leadfeeder >

Mighty Networks

For: Training / enablement

Launch your Mighty Network with a free community, add a paid membership, or design your online courses with dedicated course communities, events, livestreaming, and more from Day 1.

What we love about Mighty Networks: We shopped for community software for a while before deciding on MN. It's perfect because we can host events, courses, segment our community, run detailed analytics, even go live when needed.

Check out Mighty Networks >


For: Sales / outreach, Data

Owler is the world’s largest community-based business information and insights platform. Owler helps sales teams outsmart their competition with actionable insights and real-time alerts about the companies that matter to their pipeline.

What we love about Owler: This product is our lookalike data finder. When we want to know what other products look like ____, Owler is your answer. And, you can set up weekly emails to list out new data to follow.

Check out Owler >


For: Data, Sales / outreach

Reveal is the free platform for Partnership, Marketing, and Sales teams to generate revenue through their ecosystem. Reveal allows you to connect with companies from your ecosystem, securely compare your CRM data, and multiply up to 3X your win rate thanks to your ecosystem’s insights.

What we love about reveal: We can't say enough about Reveal. It's our favorite account mapping solution. It's so easy to use and effective as a free version.

Check out Reveal >


For: Sales / outreach, Training / enablement, Marketing / content

Partnership teams can use Walnut for many use cases:
1) Showcasing integrations - easily create interactive demos of existing (or planned!) integrations
2) Partner enablement - create failsafe demos for your partners to present to their customers/prospects
3) Ongoing Training - keep your partners updated on upcoming features by sending them guided demos showing what's coming and why they should care.

What we love about Walnut: It's difficult for us to explain how to use our software over so many video calls since we are a small team. Instead, we aim to use Walnut for the first intro to our product for new customers.

Check out Walnut >

- Agencies receive a free account!

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