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Top SaaS partnerships for eCommerce marketing and development agencies

Here are the best partner programs for eComm (professional services, retailers, automotive…) marketing agencies:

Here are the best partner programs for eComm (professional services, retailers, automotive…) marketing agencies based on these criteria:

  1. The potential for agencies to build a business around the partnership.
  2. Their effort to work hard to help build their partners' businesses.
  3. Inclusion in co-marketing or co-selling agendas.
  4. The team.

Okendo Partner Program

Description: Okendo is the leading customer marketing platform trusted by over 4,000 direct-to-consumer brands to build shopper trust, drive conversions and maximize CLTV

Category: CRO

Offer: Revenue Share, Co-Marketing Opportunities Partner Portal, Dedicated Support, Exclusive Access, Partner Training

Check it out here: Okendo | The New Standard in Customer Reviews

Partner with them: Okendo | Partners

Wayflyer Partner Program

Description: Wayflyer works with agencies to scale the GMV of their clients and ensure they remove any barriers that their clients face as they grow!

Category: PPC

Offer: Revenue share of 12% on the 1st fee and 8% on all recurring fees as long as we are partnered. 

Check it out here: eCommerce Financing | Get an Offer Today | Wayflyer

Partner with them: eCommerce Financing | Partners | Wayflyer

Gorgias Partner Program

Description: Gorgias is the #1 helpdesk for eCommerce. It transforms your customer support from painful to exceptional. Over 9,800 merchants manage all of their customer service in a unified platform integrated with Shopify.

Category: SMS Marketing


  • A 20% rev share for all referrals. 
  • Client incentives. 
  • Listed in our partner directory, team training and educational resources.

Check it out here: Customer Service Made Easy for Online Stores | Gorgias

Partner with them: gorgias (partnerstack.com) 

Gatsby Partner Program

Description: Fully automated micro-influencer program for TikTok & Instagram that uses your own customers and your Klaviyo Flows.

Category: Influencer Marketing

Offer: 10% commission in year 1 or we can work out something special on a case-by-case basis.

Check it out here: Gatsby - Influencer marketing just got way easier

Partner with them: Gatsby Product

ReferralCandy Partner Program

Description: Grow your sales through word-of-mouth marketing. 

Category: SMS Marketing


  • Dedicated Partner Manager
  • Direct Communication Channel
  • Marketing and Development Support
  • Co-Marketing Options
  • Recurring revenue

Check it out here: Referral Program App for Ecommerce Stores | ReferralCandy

Partner with them: partners.referralcandy.com/agencies 

Stamped Partner Program

Description: Stamped.io is an AI-powered eCommerce marketing platform that enables D2C brands to accelerate their business growth.

Category: CRO


  • Priority Support
  • Easy-to-use Platform
  • Ongoing Revenue Opportunities 

Check it out here: Stamped | Reviews and Loyalty for Ecommerce Brands

Partner with them: Stamped | Partner Program 

Xtremepush Partner Program

Description: B2C Marketing Solution helping enterprise brands build digital relationships

Category: E-mail Marketing


  • 2 way leads & introductions
  • Referral Fees
  • Fully agency support (training, sales support, lunch & learn etc)
  • Co Marketing & Co Selling

Check it out here: Xtremepush | Multichannel Engagement & Experience Platform

Partner with them: Partners Network - Xtremepush - Multichannel Marketing Software

Avataar Partner Program

Description: Explore the opportunities with Augmented Reality for eCommerce.

Category: Content Marketing

Offer: We are looking for our first 20 partners. Non exclusive access to North America and Europe markets with a referral/revenue share model along with services opportunities (6-8 months later).

Check it out here: Avataar | 3D and Augmented Reality for commerce

Partner with them: Avataar | 3D and Augmented Reality for commerce

OptiMonk Partner Program

Description: Use the #1 popup software for ecommerce. Affiliate, agency and reseller packages are available.

Category: Lead Generation


  • 30% lifetime commission from paying users.
  • 50% commission from Trojan Horse Course.

Check it out here: OptiMonk Popup Builder | Email, Exit-intent, Upsell & more

Partner with them: https://www.optimonk.com/partners-program/

Luz Partner Program

Description: Competitive data and customer attribution insights to drive knowledge-based decisions.

Category: Operations

Offer: We are happy to co-host events, co-market, and co-sell with our partners. This is a new program, so whatever we can do to drive value, we're willing to do it!

Check it out here: Luz (tryluz.com)

Partner with them: Partners (tryluz.com)

Firework Partner Program

Description: Firework’s end-to-end SaaS solution helps brands such as Albertsons, Unilever and Sephora create lasting relationships with their customers.

Category: Website Design and Development

Offer: Revenue share

Check it out here: Firework - Digital Transformation Using Power of Video

Partner with them: Firework (fireworktv.com)

Integrate Partner Program

Description: Data Warehouse Integration Platform Designed for E-commerce.

Category: Data Analytics

Offer: Our standard partnership agreement includes a commission structure. As part of joining this platform, we are kicking off a new co-marketing blog post campaign for the first ten agencies that sign up to work with us. We commit to a co-branded blog post with each of the first ten agencies that sign up.

Check it out here: Integrate.io data integration for e-commerce | Integrate.io

Partner with them: Partners | Integrate.io

Audiense Partner Program

Description: Put consumer segmentation and cultural understanding at the center of your strategy

Category: Data Analytics 

Offer: 20% recurring commissions for 12 months.

Check it out here: Audiense | Unique consumer insights and engagement, to help you grow

Partner with them: Our Partners (audiense.com)

Builder Partner Program

Description: Build & optimize digital experiences on any site or app. No coding required, and developer approved.

Category: Content Marketing

Offer: Free Enterprise accounts for agency partners, access to 1:1 working sessions, demos for clients, and revenue-share.

Check it out here: Builder.io - Drag and drop Visual CMS - Builder.io

Partner with them: Integrations - Builder.io

Style Arcade Partner Program

Description: Where Growing Brands Become Global Brands.

Category: Data Analytics 


  • Referral fees - 10% of 1st 12 months of subscription for new customer sign ups.
  • Ongoing revenue share for system integrators.
  • Co-sell and Resell opportunities.

Check it out here: Style Arcade | Smart fashion software for brands and retailers

Partner with them: Partner (Referral) Terms & Conditional | Style Arcade

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