Partnerhub brought SurveySparrow two partners their first day!

Kaushik came to Partnerhub® very early in Version 1 without any expectations. In 2022, we are his single largest source of new partners.

What gained:

"Sustainable partner infrastructure."
"Multiple partners a week."
"Lasting relationships."
"I was blown away!"
"The experience has been invaluable."

We helped Hawke Media manage over 500 partners in one place.

The partner team at Hawke Media has hundreds of partners and were managing them between 4 different saas - a PRM, Co-Selling solution, Google Sheets, and a project management solution. Now, they have all of their partners and partner operations under one roof.

"I love how Partnerhub helps us find the right partners. The team do a spectacular job of getting the right partners on board and bridge the gap. Their live offers feature is a winner."

Kaushik Kannan

"The layout is intuitive and works for both types of partners, both agency side and tech side, and there are so many opportunities to elevate your brand in front of potential and existing partners."

Maddy Martin

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