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Why join Partnerhub

Partnerhub is a very unique platform for finding and managing two types of partners; digital service providers (MSP's or Agencies), and technology providers who have a partnership opportunity for both agencies and other tech companies (SaaS).


Here's what you should know about Partnerhub.

Is it really free, forever?

We believe you should never have to pay to partner with anyone. Both users will always have the option of remaining on a free account in Partnerhub.

Does this replace a PRM?

It depends on your partner program is built. Partnerhub was built to help users find the right partners, and manage those relationships effectively.
If you have a program built on commissions incentives, and a lot of partners using their referral links (actually using the links) and being paid commissions of any consequence, then you will need an "Affiliate tracking" platform with payouts features.

Can I find agencies and technology partners inside?

Yes. It's built as a two-sided marketplace where you can find / attract both partner types to your program.

Does this app help us to Co-Sell with partners?

Yes. There is a co-selling project to deploy with the partners you want to co-sell with. And integrations to account mapping solutions are coming shortly so you will be able to show overlapping accounts to current and prospective partners on your profile.

Can I invite my team and current partners?

Your entire team can join with restriction as Administrators or Members - invite your marketing lead to help with Live Offers, your CS lead to be able to quickly find partners by keyword to send to your clients/users who need strategic support you can't provide.
And yes, you can invite all of your partners or prospective partners to track them all in one place.