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On a campaign to get Americans to say football instead of soccer!
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Ben Wright

I work with

Tech companies.

. And I focus on

Partner Program Content Creation


What I help with:

I did a law degree at the University of Sussex, and realized very quickly that I didn't want to spend anymore time reading case law.Worked for a large engineering company in London for a while, started moving up the corporate ladder, before deciding to relocate to Salt Lake City ( just to let everyone know there are far less pubs here)I then found the world of technology and start ups & I haven't looked back.I am extremely passionate about building relationships and tackling tough problems, specifically in the customer success and partnerships space.I also have a personal interest in social impact and corporate social responsibility, so much so that I decided to start a business that focuses on B2B charitable gifting (check out Go Give).

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Ben is an exceptional leader! He is dependable and hardworking day in and day out. He works well with customers and always adds value to any/every interaction. It was a pleasure working alongside Ben and I'm excited to see where his skillset leads him in his career. - Cody Wilson, MBA

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