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Performance Marketer | Affiliate Program Veteran | Black Belt in Affiliate Recruitment
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Dustin Howes

I work with

Tech companies.

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Partner Program Setup or Strategy


What I help with:

Is Your Business Looking For A Game-changing Growth Expert?

My name is Dustin, I’m your go-to secret weapon when it comes to turning your affiliate programs into tremendous sources of revenue.

Ex military, ex pro poker player — I’ve spent the better part of my life getting accustomed to off-the-cuff, high pressure and highly variable situations. This has been an immense blessing and my unfair advantage when it comes to the world of affiliate marketing.

Now, with 12+ years experience in affiliate marketing under my belt - I’m proud to say that I’m among the leaders in an industry.

My skill set exists within the ‘Wild West’ of digital marketing channels, as affiliate marketing is not only misunderstood by most - it’s almost always poorly implemented.

My knowledge isn’t something that can be found in a book, or a free seminar — believe me, I tried! I have been on a constant search for mentors in the industry to learn the latest successful techniques. My knowledge is a culmination of years worth of surmountable experiences pieced together by stomach turning ups-and-downs, expensive trips to conferences, and sheer determination.

So what does this mean for you?

I bring the magic touch to the affiliate programs of the businesses I work with.

Whether you already have an affiliate program that you would like to see supercharged or are interested in getting started with a marketing channel based on commission-based performance - I’m here to help.

I’m involved with my clients every step of the way - from concept, to building, to managing and scaling affiliates. There is no question I can’t answer, and no issue I haven't seen and solved before.

So, are you ready to turn your affiliate program into a money printing machine?

Let’s talk!

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I've worked in the industry for over ten years, and I can hand on my heart say that Dustin is the undisputed leader in training the new generation of Affiliate Marketing managers in the eCommerce and SaaS space. It's very rare that you get to meet and work with someone who is not only a ton of fun, engaging, polite and sincere but someone who can back all this up with the expertise and knowledge of a true industry expert. If you get the chance to work with Dustin, you need to go for it right now, as a specialist of his experience and integrity don't come along very often.
- Paddy McGill

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