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Agency ClickUp & Process Nerd | Help agencies deliver better work, faster | Founder @ ZenPilot
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Gray MacKenzie

I work with

Digital agencies.

. And I focus on

Agency Operations


What I help with:

I help agencies build more productive, profitable, and healthy teams by streamlining their operations in ClickUp.

Hi, I'm Gray, CEO here at ZenPilot 👋

We only work with agencies who are moving to or already running on ClickUp.

Our focus is extremely narrow, but our expertise is incredibly deep.

We've served 2,600+ agencies and are the Seal Team 6 for agency project management and process development.


1) We analyze what you're doing now and find the highest impact opportunities for improvement

2) We design + build the right system for your specific goals and situation.

3) We train your entire team and make sure everyone is crystal clear on expectations.

4) We give you clarity to make better business decisions through accurate data + insights to improve your agency operations.



Learn more:


Gray was a fun and informative guest on my Podcast, Ponderings from the Perch: http://bit.ly/priscillaandgray. He gracious offered his tips and tricks for any agency needing to scale for delivering content in a consistent and profitable way. My audience loved him and I'd love to have him back on the show any time. Thanks for being real and approachable while sharing your knowledge!
- Priscilla McKinney

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