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Passionate about improving partner learning and readiness
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Jessie Shipman

I work with

Tech companies.

. And I focus on

Partner Program Setup or Strategy


What I help with:

I am a passionate and experienced partner enablement professional. I have 15 years experience in teaching and learning, both in the classroom as a high school social studies teacher, but mostly out of the classroom educating adults on technical topics.

I built a technical enablement program for strategic partners at a large tech company. I have expertise in adult learning, education program creation, enablement content creation, and learning culture.

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When you first meet Jessie you just know that something brilliant is coming. Jessie first approached me after having turned my GoToEcosystem webinar into a full fledged e-learning course just so that she could demonstrate her value and present her ideas about co-innovation and partnership. Jessie is a top thought leader in the partner enablement space. She is thinking about partnerships and enablement in a completely new way and is executing on the practicalities of those thoughts through her offerings at Partner Fluent. If you want to make your partner enablement efforts Timely, Event-driven, Actionable, and Relevant you don’t want to miss out on asking Jessie about how to do that. If ever there was somebody who is embracing the “how can I help” mindset, it’s Jessie and you’d be remiss not to know.
- Allan Adler

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