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Justin Zimmerman

I work with

Tech companies.

. And I focus on

Partner Program Setup or Strategy


What I help with:

The thing I love about my work is its sole purpose is to educate and enrich people's lives. I'm the 1st born, so I've always felt this instinct to learn things and pass down the lessons learned. As a "grown up" I've gone on to built a content creation system and team around this system to relentlessly discover our audience's needs and the solution to those needs. We understand what blogs, videos, social media, and webinars we need to create to help them most, that's why thousands of customers trust us to help them get smarter, faster, richer, and most importantly... confident.

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I had a chance to work with Justin on building partnership between Salesmsg and Woodpecker. He's an expert in his field and I've learned a lot from him about building meaningful and long-term relationships. Besides the marketing cooperation we conduct a successful webinar. Personally, Justin has a great energy and every meeting was a pleasure - I've always felt inspire to do something more in our project. - Anna NowackaAnna Nowacka

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