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Helping Digital Agencies Measure & Improve Profitability.
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Marcel Petitpas Copy

I work with

Tech and digital agencies

. And I focus on

Agency Profitablity


What I help with:

Have you ever been underpaid for your work?

If you run a creative or digital agency, the experience of going WAY over budget on a project or overservicing a retainer is almost a right of passage.

After helping hundreds of agencies improve their profitability, I've learned that this is a regular occurrence for most (and half of them aren't even aware that it's happening)

Running a profitable agency is tough, that’s probably why only a fraction of firms consistently achieve an EBITDA of over 20% annually.

Everything I do is about helping you join that exclusive group of elite profitability while ALSO helping you get your team home in time for dinner more consistently.

I know that sounds like a contradictory statement, and a tall order - but it's actually much simpler than you might think.

The process essentially comes down to 4 simple steps…

You can learn about those here for free ⬇️

So, if more profit sounds nice, reach out!

I’d be happy to help.

Even if that means pointing you toward someone else who may be a better fit for your needs.

I just want to help agencies win 🏆

Learn more:


What Marcel doesn't know about agency profitability isn't worth knowing. And he's an awesome guy too.
- Janusz Stabik

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