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We start new business conversations for B2B brands.
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Nicholas Hill

I work with

Tech companies.

. And I focus on

Partner Sales or Acquisition


What I help with:

B2B marketing has struggled for the past few years.

The remote working revolution has made engaging prospects harder than ever. Solving this challenge requires personalisation, humanisation and innovation. But so many are getting it wrong.

Real account based marketing (done by a real person) works well but it's often hard to scale. Most automated approaches can be sniffed out a mile away

Cold outreach output has increased by 79% since the start of 2020 – you’ve probably noticed as much in your own inbox. And if you have, you’ll know that the majority of those messages are generic, vanilla and salesy, aimed at shoving you into a marketing funnel.

It’s an approach that relies on mass volume to see what sticks - the result, usually, is not much.

At MyConversation we've used over 30 years of experience of data, technology and driving sales revenue for our own businesses, to combine humanised technology with a team of experts who understand how to start conversations with your ideal clients.

There are three key steps to doing this:

1 - Understanding your ideal client and how to get their attention (AVATAR)
2 - Knowing where to find them and how to contact them (TARGETING)
3 - Saying the right thing at the right time to start the conversation (MESSAGING)

By analysing extensive campaign/contact data across multiple industries for multiple clients and multiple offers, we're able to create optimised, humanised, omni-channel campaigns that engage, educate and entice, using the right technology, in an efficient process (less than the cost of an SDR) with a balance of quality Vs quality, that's scalable.

Email support@myconversation.ai if you'd like to learn more, book a demo, or discuss requirements.

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Nick is the best sales process mind I've ever met. His ability to turn a flawed process into a world-class one is second to none. I've had the pleasure of working with him on a number of projects and look forward to many more. - Steve Hooper

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