We're an ideal partner for any Agency building solutions for eCommerce clients. We have a powerful low-code ETL solution for any clients needing transformations before the data warehouse. We've build out a comprehensive list of eCommerce ELT and Reverse ETL connectors for typical data warehouse needs. To operationalize data, our API creation and management solution can sit on top of most on-premise or cloud databases to serve it back via a managed API.Description: is a data warehouse integration platform providing a complete integration layer for turning your data warehouse into a data platform. Choose from our ETL, CDC, and ELT offerings for ingesting data and reverse ETL and instant API generation for extracting data.

Offer to agencies:

Our standard partnership agreement includes a commission structure. As part of joining this platform, we are kicking off a new co-marketing blog post campaign for the first ten agencies that sign up to work with us. We commit to a co-branded blog post with each of the first ten agencies that sign up.