Recart is a mobile marketing platform that helps innovative ecommerce brands reach their customers on a new communication channel, Facebook Messenger. Using Recart, marketers can rapidly grow their email, SMS, and Messenger lists at the same time. Based on real-time behavioral data, Recart automatically engages and opens automated conversations with your customers on Facebook Messenger. We deliver messages for all major ecommerce use cases - abandoned cart, receipts, shipping notifications, product recommendations, one-off promotions with almost 100% open, and 30%+ engagement rates. 150,000+ Shopify stores installed Recart so far and saw an average 61x return on their investment.

Offer to agencies:

Incentives for Agencies - 20% kickback for all Messenger Marketing Deals - $500 one time payment for each deal you refer - Up to 30% kickback for all SMS deals - Swag Kits - Our "Do it for you" service (we will manage, build, and execute SMS and Messenger for you and your clients at zero additional cost)