Walnut is the first mover of the latest B2B revolution - how to manage your prospect's buying experience. The demo phase is one of the most crucial steps in any B2B company sales process. It requires a huge amount of time and resources, and demo insights are still considered a blind spot, and prospects suffer a boring, generic experience that does not convert.

That’s where the Walnut codeless platform is a game-changer: Customize everything: Personalize your demo from A-to-Z and eliminate the dependency on other teams.Increase consistency: Create tailored and consistent storylines for each of your audiences’ demos. Collect valuable insights: Collect data to learn about your team’s and prospect’s demo usage.  Save time and resources: Do it once. Use it as many times as you want. Save valuable resources. Close the loop: Plug into SalesForce, HubSpot and other leading CRM's to sync the entire process.Avoid Murphy’s law bugs: Demo your product with peace of mind. Zero downtime. Zero loading time issue. Increase your conversion rate today with Walnut like Adobe, Dell, NetApp, and hundreds of more leading tech companies!

Offer to agencies:

Agencies love working with Walnut since we can augment any sales/marketing/solutions engineering strategy with interactive product demos throughout the entire sales funnel.