How will we be able to "Customize our partner directory"?

The Directory product is very exciting because the options on the market right now for partner teams are incredibly expensive for how simple the technology is. 

We have built this product to be customizable to a certain extent: 

  • Adjust colors, branding
  • Add to a subdomain or reverse proxy
  • Change the lead routing to any team member
  • Add any listing you want
  • Or, pull in active partners and "enable" them to be shown

One of the best aspects of our directory product is the fact that you or the listings you show (who are connected in Partnerhub®) can update the directory profile app-wide in your or their own account. 

No need to waste time trying to keep those listings up to date on behalf of your partners. 

And, the CTA to "Partner with us" automatically sends you an invite from their account to partner. You can accept, deny, or schedule a call.