How does Partnerhub® compare to PRM's?

Great question! Below are the feature comparisons between Partnerhub® and the top 4 Partner Relationships Management tools. 
The main differences between us and other PRMs are as follows:

  1. The main difference is how we are built - as a marketplace and matchmaking system for partnerships. We did not build Partnerhub® as a "PRM product". We built it to be used by both sides and enable more matches between the two. 
  2. We built this version primarily for our agency users. We maintain a 3:1 ratio of agency users to SaaS users so the features reflect that. 
  3. We are not an "affiliate" tracking or payout software. Solutions partners do not care about affiliate commissions, and usually won't use tracked affiliate links, so that is not a feature we have built yet. 

However, we have a Stripe Connect integration in progress so you can send partners commissions or set them up on a payout schedule. It's just not link-based. Affiliate marketing is very much a marketing endeavor and should be handled with ads attribution software.