What can I do to ensure we are successful in Partnerhub?

This is actually easy - if you are approved to join, you have what's needed to succeed.

But, for tech companies - to really grow your program inside - try to make sure you always have two things:

  1. A Live Offer. These can be anything from co-marketing opportunities, events you want to include partners in, free accounts, white paper collaborations, podcast guest spots...
  2. A great program incentives description like this one from our friends at SurveySparrow:

"White-label or use our account hierarchy to do custom implementations and managed services for your customers.
+ Social mentions and the opportunity to get showcased in front of our 100K customer base.
+ Revenue share of 25% of the revenue recognized from the customers brought in through the partner in perpetuity for the lifetime of the customer.
+ MDFs for demand generation - Co-marketing and co-creation with the partner.
- SPIFFs apart from the 25% commission!"