We're different. Let us show you why!

Firstly, here's what we are in this confusing space of "partnerships" vs "affiliates"...

"Affiliates" are after pieces of the pie. 

In Partnerhub®, users are focused on actually working with partners instead of simply rewarding "affiliates" (we hate that word).

  • Find true co-selling and co-marketing partners.
  • Who are actually close to your customers.
  • And have all of the tools you need to GTM with those partners.

Everything you need to find, activate, enable, and grow with partners. 

"Partners" bake new pies to share.

 zero sum mentality will not work inside the hub. You have to be open to working together. And we are serious about that. 

  • Be matched with the best partners.
  • Create co-selling partnerships.
  • Connect deeper into an ecosystem your customers are in.
  • Limitless growth potential.
  • And, of course, partner management.

Partnerships-led growth in one platform.

Oh, and we'll not only guarantee you 20 partners, we will find them for you. Or your money back!

**This is for Pro Annual users only.
**It's in beta, so get in before we decide to stop offering it.
**Must qualify, so book a demo and we'll discuss whether you qualify.
**Requirement is simply: post a Live Offer once a month.

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What does it cost?

Remember, applicants without an invite from one of our agency users will be directed to the Pro tier, be asked for a credit card.


For Agencies & Consultants

$49 /mo

90-day billing, 7-day free trial!

Apply now!
  • Find your partners in the Marketplace
  • Customizable partner Directory 
  • 20 partners guaranteed (annual-only)
  • Track referrals
  • Share pipeline
  • Send partner payouts
  • Track GTM operations and leads.
  • Ai matching and strategy guides!
Ecosystem Management

For Tech Companies

$330 /mo

90-day billing, 7-day free trial!

Apply now!
  • 25 partner requests / week.
  • Customizable partner Directory
  • 20 partners guaranteed (annual-only)
  • Track referrals
  • Share pipeline
  • Send partner payouts
  • Track GTM operations and leads.
  • Ai matching and strategy guides!

The Framework 

$699 /mo

+ Setup fee (based on custom needs)

Learn more...
  • Super-admin
  • Secure private server
  • 60,000 database entries
  • User Marketplace
  • Financial reconciliation and reporting
  • 24×7 phone, chat, and email support
  • Developer tools
  • Ai matching and strategy guides!

You’ll be in good company

Frequently asked questions

The guarantee clause reads: 

  • + 20 connections made in the hub.
  • + We technically have the full 12 months to provide those partners, but we can usually find your partners in the first few months.

Here are the stipulations for our 20-partner guarantee: 

  1. - You must be on a Pro *Annual account.
  2. - Your company must discuss this with us before upgrading. We only have bandwidth for 10 of these partner guarantee accounts at one time. Grab a time to discuss if this is right for your organization:

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