Partnerhub is a brand new type of platform so you may have some questions. To learn about our features, please review guides here.

How does this work with my PRM?

Most PRM's are great for two things; push communication like email blasts or distributing assets, and distributing commissions payouts.
Partnerhub covers finding partners, activating them, ongoing communication, project collaboration, document sharing, one-time rewards, automated messaging / alerts, and tracking referrals.
Some of our users keep a simple affiliate tracking solution so they can generate custom tracking links and pay commissions to those ghost affiliates who simply want to add their link to a blog post or youtube video to collect commissions. Day to day management of partners is done in Partnerhub. If you have yet to pay out commissions, read this >

Is it really free?

Yes. Free for both user types forever. Tech teams to have a valuable partner opportunity for agencies, apply or be invited. But, once in, Partnerub® isfree. It's our opinion that no one should have to pay to partner.

How does Partnerhub compare to other PRMs?

Here is our research (last updated March 2022): 

Can I bring my entire team and all of my partners?

Yes. You can invite team members as Admin's or Member's. And, you can bulk import your entire roster, or add them one at a time.

How does Partnerhub help me find new partners?

Partnerhub has been described by users as a dating app for partnerships. It serves recommendations to the agencies based on overlapping customer profiles. The agency has to make the first move, but once approved, either party can create tasks, add the partner to a project, chat...

What can I do to ensure we are successful in Partnerhub?

This is actually easy - if you are approved to join, we believe you will succeed.

But, for tech companies - to really grow your program inside - you have to make sure you always have two things: 
1) A Live Offer running. These can be anything from co-marketing opportunities, events you want to include partners in, free accounts, white paper collaborations, podcast guest spots...
2) A great program incentives description like this one from our friends at SurveySparrow: 
"White-label or use our account hierarchy to do custom implementations and managed services for your customers.
+ Social mentions and the opportunity to get showcased in front of our 100K customer base.
+ Revenue share of 25% of the revenue recognized from the customers brought in through the partner in perpetuity for the lifetime of the customer.
+ MDFs for demand generation - Co-marketing and co-creation with the partner.
- SPIFFs apart from the 25% commission!"

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