How do I quickly build my partnerships peer network and personal brand?

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Here is a great strategy for building your personal thought leadership and network around a niche in 6 months:

[It comes from my first mentorship call of the The Partnerships Accelerator]

First, pick out the niche

You can become a valuable resource in within the next 6 months. Meaning, you cannot be the expert in saas partnerships in 6 months. But... you can be the expert in Magento to BigCommerce migration solutions experts partners, or the expert in the Stripe partners ecosystem.

  • "Expert"means you know all about that persona, who they also partner with, what drives them, and what companies are targeting them for partnership.

*Tip: to figure out your niche in partnerships, look at the keyword your product is trying to carve out, and add "Experts" to the end of it, then search that on google and linkedin (i.e User Experience Platform Experts).

Now, get organized and start connecting

Download the Dex chrome extension and set up folders for the types of people you want to create a network of. Also download the mobile app in case you form a closer (share phone numbers) relationship or want to add people to Dex off LinkedIn mobile.

Start connecting with thought leaders in partnerships (under your niche). This will train linkedin to know what to serve you in the feed.

Next, go deeper into the niche by searching for the right hashtags like #channelpartnerships or #ecosystemsAlso create your own hashtag that people can follow and you can tag in your content (mine is #powertoyourpartners).

  • Add this hashtag to your linkedin and twitter headlines.

Start you publishing cadence

Connect LinkedIn to Twitter so your posts will auto-publish to twitter.Then, you start your weekly article publishing cadence - linkedin article definitely at least (people like to stay on the platform they are on instead of having to go off to your blog to read the article) (also, it's algorithm-friendly, meaning linkedin will push your article if it's on their platform vs an outside link), but maybe a Ghost blog too...Share the links to your articles with the people you are connecting with (specific to the niche you are building your personal brand around, and therefore relevant to that person).Start posting to LinkedIn:

  • Post daily on pain points you are seeing in the niche.
  • Tag others you are connecting with in those posts when relevant.
  • Comment on their posts and link to another person in that space's post.

Finally, create a calendar link with max 100 participants that will be your monthly mastermind / meetup for that specific niche. And go about filling that mastermind with these individuals in your new niche network who can benefit.

That's that!

Hope it helps :)

Alex, Founder of Partnerhub® - bettering partnerships through matchmaking and organizing operations.